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Our Team


Founder and CEO Doug Hughes, has gathered a team of seasoned executives, connected at the highest levels in the field. Their experience spans finance, game design, business development, legal services, operations, information technology and media marketing. They are familiar and comfortable with entrepreneurial ventures.

Doug Hughes, Founder and CEO, CTO

Mr. Hughes is a pioneer in game design. Doug began his career at IBM and was among the first to join Atari in 1972. His peers and colleagues have included Nolan Bushnell, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Al Alcorn, Steve Ritchie, Randy Pfeiffer and other leaders in the field. Mr. Hughes has designed many games and computer innovations. His groundbreaking use of microprocessors, electronic controls, color, digital sounds and other innovations moved the electronic game industry from being a novelty to a profitable powerhouse. Doug spurred a paradigm shift by designing the first microprocessor video game called "Spitfire" and pinball’s record breaking "Flash". He patented many devices, such as PC remote controls, digital radar, semiconductor processing equipment and factory automation, among others. Where it all began

Bruce Smith – Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Smith has 20+ years of financial, administration and operational expertise having served in numerous public, private, and venture capital owned companies as Executive VP, CFO & COO.
Bruce has attained domestic and international success with companies such as Parker Hannifin, Denison International, Enersys and a host of privately held organizations.  Mr. Smith is also a veteran of over one dozen M&A, cooperation and joint venture transactions, both in the US and abroad, and has lead many successful recapitalization-refinancing, information management, insurance recovery, revenue growth and cost reduction projects.

Avedis Aladzyhan – Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Aladzyhan is an accomplished executive with an entrepreneurial background.  Avedis started his first business at age 24 that has grown into three retail businesses.  With an education in political science and over 25 years of work experience in the legal field, he has successfully operated a major law office, managing dozens of employees with a vast client base in a time-critical environment. 

The Millennial Master Minds