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As Atari’s 40th anniversary approaches, unsung visionary Doug Hughes announces dramatic technological leap in social gaming – FLOCK

Atari opened its doors 40 years ago and the world has never been the same.  The company produced legendary games and incubated some of the world’s greatest visionaries, most notably Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Nolan Bushnell.  One unsung early Atari developer who purposely flew under the radar has become arguably the most influential high-tech visionary who is not a household story.  His name is Doug Hughes.

Early on Hughes helped create Pong, Tank, Space Invaders, Robotron, Stargate, Qix, and the first microprocessor-based pinball machine, Flash.  Beyond gaming, Hughes developed patents in PC remote controls, medical devices, semiconductor processors, food equipment, and business and personal software applications.  Hughes now returns to the field with a new vision for games in the social mobile market that help people solve common problems.  Through his latest invention--a patented technology called FLOCK™--Hughes’ games work on multiple levels to entertain, educate and empower players.

Hughes sees FLOCK™ as a natural evolution from the cloud.  “In essence, the cloud is infinitely smarter than any other processor has ever been,” said Hughes.  “Similarly, FLOCK™ can help us become wiser-- and that is the Holy Grail.” Key to Hughes’ approach is that game play is grounded in actual facts and circumstances.   Real-life rewards and benefits are an integral part of the system.

FLOCK™ puts power and control back in the hands of gamers because it was built as a user directed platform as opposed to a marketing or technology-driven one.  The game will organically grow, move, change, and adapt based on the way people think and play, updating itself through its natural constant iterations.  The technology will debut for the first time this holiday season in “Power Your Money Game”, a game Hughes says is 75% fun and 25% education.  The first version of the game focuses on finances and career.  Additional life zones will follow in serial versions including one entire section based on saving energy and living ‘green.’

“These new waves of technologies give us better ways to approach the age-old challenge of powerful adaptive education.  Beyond basic school subjects, I envision cloud-directed tools that help us learn how to improve our skills for real-world situations, like our relationships, pocketbooks, nutritional choices, environmental impact, and ultimately our wisdom and well-being,” said Hughes.  “We build social games for better living.”

Quotes from Doug Hughes:

“Tablets, smart devices, and cloud gaming have made games a part of our everyday DNA.”

“More important, beyond the tangible rewards players gain from our games are things of even greater value: skills mastery, self-worth, confidence and an improved life.”

“We’d rather just have fun while we learn. That’s true not just for math, science, or history, but also in life lessons, like finding out how we can be happy, healthy, wise, and successful.”

“We passionately believe social games provide a more effective and enjoyable way to overcome difficult life challenges. This time, everyone wins.”

Power Your Life

Founded by early Atari pioneer Doug Hughes, Power Your Life empowers people to achieve real-world personal growth and prosperity through an adaptive social gaming ecosystem built around educational entertainment.  Using a patented new technology called FLOCK™ - Power Your Life gives the power back to the players with organic freedom, data anonymity, and a market-first approach to actualization.  Power Your Life, is privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif.

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